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Quantum Tech HD

24 gün önce

Furniture turns an empty house into a home, so here we bring you some super smart pieces for inspiration. Watch this review of smart furniture and tell us what you think. Enjoy!
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Cindy Reid
Cindy Reid 22 gün önce
So many of these space saving designs have been used on yachts and small boats for years, glad to see these innovations being used elsewhere.
Ceejay Daniel
Ceejay Daniel 12 gün önce
Yup. Made for the rich and wealthy
chelin7023 10 gün önce
I just love an idea that keeps working; it says a lot of who ever came up with the original design. Many new (to me) ideas here … ❤️
Rand_jpf 16 gün önce
Imagine a massive mansion filled with furniture and installations like this all over the place... It would absolutely expand the usable square footage of an already big house to even greater proportions, so to speak.
ozias ideias criativas
ozias ideias criativas 22 gün önce
Like 462 confirmado top demais um grande abraço do Ozias ideias criativas 🇧🇷👍🙏🏻
você mesmo faz
você mesmo faz 20 gün önce
Tmj meu amigo... 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Trà Đá 2K
Trà Đá 2K 19 gün önce
I didn't expect them to come up with such good ideas, simple but very useful ideas, great🤩
Елена Кошкина
Елена Кошкина 19 gün önce
Всегда удивляюсь сколько у людей свободного времени, чтобы складывать и раскладывать, чтобы сдвигать и раздвигать и т.д.
Donovan Norcross
Donovan Norcross 18 gün önce
When old ideas get a modern revamp. Still dig some of it.
martha benner
martha benner 22 gün önce
What I want to see is one of those folding desks as a sewing machine table where you don't have to pick up the heavy sewing machine.
Ryuudevie 7
Ryuudevie 7 9 gün önce
Ooh, yes!
Never give up! - Building a container home
Never give up! - Building a container home 15 gün önce
I love some of the ideas, but I'd be too afraid they'd break down soon enough! I tink I need to keep it more simple in my tiny house
Choirul Maintz
Choirul Maintz 18 gün önce
Sangat bagus. Simple dan rapi. 👍
Jinnie IM
Jinnie IM 21 gün önce
i love all ideas about hidden room. So freaking cool!!
job speed mms
job speed mms 22 gün önce
such an interesting design,, wow this is suitable for my narrow place...
Bertha George
Bertha George 21 gün önce
Each one of these were wonderful and such class ❗👍🤗
Sheree Morgan
Sheree Morgan 22 gün önce
Amazing designs!
Art with cad
Art with cad 12 gün önce
All are wonderful ideas. So good to see 👌
Olga 20 gün önce
Супер!Очень,очень крутые варианты мебели и прочего!
Андрей Фалалееф
Андрей Фалалееф 15 gün önce
Угол что ли с кртуизной? Гдетам круто. Легендарный.
Esther Pessac
Esther Pessac 19 gün önce
Je trouve aussi. Il est juste dommage que nous ne puissions accéder à ce mobilier facilement car ils ne sont pas proposés dans la grande distribution ou par le biais des distributeurs connus...😳😭
B Fuentes
B Fuentes 19 gün önce
Thinking all furniture should be smart like this 🤔
Mine Specialist
Mine Specialist 22 gün önce
Ide kreatif dan sangat menginspirasi
Ivan Acosta
Ivan Acosta 20 gün önce
WK Sub
WK Sub 22 gün önce
Diedre Dunham
Diedre Dunham 22 gün önce
Lots of interesting things.
Hussle G Diesel
Hussle G Diesel 20 gün önce
The advancement is insane, awesome!
Sumini Sumini
Sumini Sumini 22 gün önce
I really support this channel. impart knowledge and entertain ️♥️
rapsberry coollin
rapsberry coollin 22 gün önce
So like this ``
More Tool
More Tool 20 gün önce
Good designs
СССР-РОССИЯ 19 gün önce
Самое Зачётное- на 2.40 (время) комната с бухлом👍🤣
B TV 21 gün önce
What a piece of work man How many of you agree ?????????
София Белая
София Белая 21 gün önce
Как же я хочу такую мебель!!!! Где же это можно купить, заказать?!!!
hozain gor97
hozain gor97 20 gün önce
София_в месте где продают торговое оборудование (полка под сиденьем). В России такое давно есть но надо знать название. Но можно спросить в Яндексе дав описание предмета.
Woodworking channel 2021
Woodworking channel 2021 22 gün önce
Mantap banget kawan
Paivi Project
Paivi Project 22 gün önce
That was pretty cool 👍
Martine van Eijk
Martine van Eijk 14 gün önce
I loved how Happy en proud the Guy demonstrating the desk looked
Живой, а не существующий
Живой, а не существующий 20 gün önce
Видео из темы: "У нас настолько рабовладельческий строй, что мы вынуждены жить на 10 квадратных метрах и придумывать как съэкономить!" (Но придумки классные!)
hozain gor97
hozain gor97 20 gün önce
Живой_видимо у вас так. А у нас это называется •научный (или инженерный) подход к организации места нахождения человека•, зачем куда-то ходить когда всё рядом.
KK Leneave
KK Leneave 21 gün önce
so crafty!!!
hamza rathore25
hamza rathore25 15 gün önce
Amazing 👍
Olga Epova
Olga Epova 14 gün önce
Все для людей, супер идеи!!!
Mary Poisel
Mary Poisel 19 gün önce
New innovation? I’m 76 years old and my grandmother’s house had a laundry chute. Nothing new there, but nice to see the chutes might be coming back…😊
Mary Poisel
Mary Poisel 11 gün önce
@xraybox that makes perfect sense! Fire prevention!! Never thought about THAT problem in all my years! My grandmother threatened us with dire consequences if we sent my little brother down the chute. I thought that’s why chutes had disappeared. We never did send Jimmy down her chute. She had “blood in her eye” when she mentioned doom and gloom! LOL. Thanks for your reply ♥️👍♥️
xraybox 11 gün önce
Many jurisdictions have fire codes banning laundry chutes because an opening between floor can massively accelerate how fast a fire can consume a house
Jhon Termos
Jhon Termos 21 gün önce
Wow cool 👍
유리지니TVᆞ333movieᆞ 19 gün önce
4:45 / 10:32 스마트 퍼니처 | 기발한 공간 절약 디자인 & 숨겨진 문 ▶10 Quantum Tech HD 구독자 1160만명 구독중 9.5천 725 조회수 109만회 3일 전 Furniture turns an empty house into a home, so here we bring you some super smart pieces for inspiration. Watch this review of smart furniture and tell us what you think. Enjoy! ALINEAPROJETOS … 151
Dark Vodor
Dark Vodor 22 gün önce
Génial !
cybercat29 18 gün önce
As for the escape room, I would suggest another hidden exit in case the first one blocked somehow.
AntiReptile 17 gün önce
Yup, someone or something blocks the one way out, you’re screwed.
KonaBalona 22 gün önce
2:18 laundry chutes are cool but violate current fire codes ...
E P 15 gün önce
love to see the laundry Shoot... Pretty much standard in any home built in the 40-60's
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telegram me👉👉@Quantumtech1 15 gün önce
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hozain gor97
hozain gor97 20 gün önce
Когда есть:деньги, мозги (понимание что-как-зачем), руки из плеч (умения как), безразличие к мнению окружающих о необычном (нет боязни необычного).
The Great Baba Sahab
The Great Baba Sahab 21 gün önce
Pontsho Mokoena
Pontsho Mokoena 21 gün önce
Are these amazing furniture possible to get them
rikigirl 21 gün önce
All wonderful and very expensive.
Vlad Kudasov
Vlad Kudasov 22 gün önce
Хурмат Рахимов
Хурмат Рахимов 20 gün önce
Ассалому алейкум Рахматуллаху ва баракатух Аллах рози булсин💙👍💙👍 хаммамиздан инша🕋❤ аллох💐🕋 💝🏆✈️🌏🏩👍🌸🤍💘💖💒💐🌷🌹💗💙🌺💜💓💞💕
Rocky Road
Rocky Road 19 gün önce
While some of these ideas are not only beautiful and functional, many are pointless. If you have the floor space to convert a small sidetable into a desk, you have room for a desk.
Ceejay Daniel
Ceejay Daniel 14 gün önce
@aaryaputra108 lived in a duplex and trailers my whole life and I still agree that these things are just a waste of money. However the only problem with your argument was that you brought up the money part. Pretty much all these people were clearly loaded and that why they had these expensive Toys. On the flip side though it would totally be cool if I had a way to just fold everything it to the wall 😂😂
aaryaputra108 14 gün önce
It's not only about the space you have, but the overall look of your place. If you have space for a full size desk, only use it sometimes and it makes your small apartment looked cramped, then these types of products are necessary. I suppose you've never had to deal with space limitations due to money or being a student with only a limited budget.
Gorla Gowramma
Gorla Gowramma 14 gün önce
Ben J. Upole
Ben J. Upole 17 gün önce
Plus the one with the sink... You can just make a window that opens veritally
Zk Motivation
Zk Motivation 22 gün önce
It’s really frustrating when views / subscribers are not increasing but u know u are doing ur best😞
ОМСК #mrulin
ОМСК #mrulin 22 gün önce
Innovation Park
Innovation Park 21 gün önce
Wow cool 👍
Maverick Hanecak
Maverick Hanecak 22 gün önce
Алексей Ерохин
Алексей Ерохин 21 gün önce
At 2:30 the coolest solution😀
Al Alfiyya
Al Alfiyya 14 gün önce
la bemba verde
la bemba verde 21 gün önce
I would like to know where to find the sound track that plays at the beginning of this video. Thank you!
Angela Day
Angela Day 19 gün önce
Yes! Beautiful music! 🎼💖🎶🎶🎼🎉🥳💃🏽
Arrianna Oliver
Arrianna Oliver 5 gün önce
A lot of these space saving designs are expensive locking out the biggest market.
Hemant Jangra
Hemant Jangra 13 gün önce
All looks very good but sadly some of these not long lasting
Boedak Tutorial
Boedak Tutorial 13 gün önce
Sangat indah ketika di pandang
Muhammad Anas Khairulnizam Only
Muhammad Anas Khairulnizam Only 19 gün önce
The 7mins+ when open behind bed to be pillows(or resting point) maybe nice to be cushion(or just to make that part to protect from animals like house lizards)?
telegram me👉👉@Quantumtech1
telegram me👉👉@Quantumtech1 15 gün önce
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Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов 15 gün önce
0:53 самая ненужная вещь в мире
hozain gor97
hozain gor97 20 gün önce
Немного жаль 😥. Такое в России давно не в новинку, многое даже из время СССР (видел в кино).
Dmitriy Zinenko
Dmitriy Zinenko 22 gün önce
Модульный шкаф в полу - от что гениально а все остальное попытка оправдать смысл существование неполноценных дизайнеров
hozain gor97
hozain gor97 19 gün önce
@Dmitriy Zinenko _чтобы было проще понять. Вспомни как хранят вещи на МКС все поверхности (верх/потолок/за ним, вокруг, низ/полы/за ним) в полочках и даже перегородки из передвижных полок. Фантазируй спокойно. Извини что прояснил твой взгляд на якобы оригинальность в видео и показал больше.
hozain gor97
hozain gor97 19 gün önce
@Dmitriy Zinenko _ты сделал мне весело 🤣😁. Видимо ты думаешь на языке •мебель это предмет для чего-то•, это неплохо, но лучше •мебель это распределение пространства некой структурой для хранения (полки, стол, другое) за декоративной поверхностью•. Знаю, похоже на научную формулировку, но просто так точнее и без ненужных ограничений вроде названия предметов.
Dmitriy Zinenko
Dmitriy Zinenko 19 gün önce
@hozain gor97 Шкафы в полу бывают в видио про компактный интерьер и модульные комнаты. Но это действительно слишком гениально и видио про такие ящики в полу редко встретишь.
hozain gor97
hozain gor97 20 gün önce
Dmitriy_видимо ты видел что-то но других платформах (Пикабу,новате, и прочие - оригинальные решения задач)
Дмитрий Кузнецов
Дмитрий Кузнецов 12 gün önce
Умный унитаз,понравился, вот только медленно открывается, можно не дождаться и в штаны наложить!😅😅🤣
Olga Epova
Olga Epova 14 gün önce
Господи!!! Люди у которых нет ни газа ни нефти ни леса, наслаждаются жизнью, а мы в России богатой стране просто существуем!!!
Big Country
Big Country 13 gün önce
Now make a video with a bunch of stuff on the furniture, and the story changes dramatically. These 3 or 4 in one design's aren't very functional for family furniture. Unless people want to move all their stuff every time...
Madjid Bouazza
Madjid Bouazza 18 gün önce
naci ucar
naci ucar 22 gün önce
Thi bach cuc Tran
Thi bach cuc Tran 20 gün önce
생수 15 gün önce
이런건 어디에서 살 수 있나?
Braxx Juventa
Braxx Juventa 22 gün önce
Kabar dan Hiburan
Kabar dan Hiburan 20 gün önce
Wowwwwww‼️😲😮😯😲😯😲😮 So cool... 😯😮😯😮😲😲😯😲😮😯Woww‼️
Skoray Duman
Skoray Duman 22 gün önce
kamlesh chavan
kamlesh chavan 22 gün önce
Can I get the drawing of the folding table
Ajam Mukhsid
Ajam Mukhsid 13 gün önce
Where can you buy these?
Bansystems 19 gün önce
Ottimo video
Karen 13 gün önce
I need those lifts
harleybynature 13 gün önce
Me: *installs laundry chute* Washer and dryer: *are upstairs*
Salman Malek
Salman Malek 8 gün önce
I Love this your vayo
gillian bc
gillian bc 18 gün önce
I had to laugh at the foldable tap to open the window. Why not just use an ordinary window that opens outwards or slides up and down?
Yan 13 gün önce
maybe we can fold the house too
Jesse G
Jesse G 15 gün önce
Wow.... Hello Beautiful.... Ideas.
Tony Wharton
Tony Wharton 18 gün önce
Great video as always but! How many people need a folding tap? Just that one woman because the workmen put the sink in the wrong place.
Dimitri Kleioris
Dimitri Kleioris 21 gün önce
Thanks Elizabeth Esther Koch for keeping us financially Educated! Regardless of how bad it gets on the economy/stock market, I still make over $13,000 every single week
Nancy Nancy
Nancy Nancy 21 gün önce
Nice earning, I've always been fascinated with investing and need to start now. Could you possibly give more information about the Investment Professional and how I can reach out?
Данияр 20 gün önce
Были бы деньги я сам знаю как делать
JOTA 22 gün önce
Armani khan
Armani khan 19 gün önce
💕🥰🥰 wow 🥰🥰💕
DJ Sang
DJ Sang 19 gün önce
07:00 where buy? En donde lo puedo comprar?
Xander Tan
Xander Tan 19 gün önce
it's worth saving more
hamid siramik السيراميك
hamid siramik السيراميك 22 gün önce
Melanie 11 gün önce
Obviously the inventor of the smart toilet has never had to go to the bathroom with urgency
Ram S
Ram S 20 gün önce
Марк Клавдий Марцелл
Марк Клавдий Марцелл 21 gün önce
Ничего "гениального" не вижу,такая "экономия" пространства иногда выходит боком))))~ А про обслуживание сего девайса, давайте лучше промолчим, особенно при поломке)~
Марк Клавдий Марцелл
Марк Клавдий Марцелл 21 gün önce
Ничего "гениального" не вижу,такая "экономия" пространства иногда выходит боком))))~ А про обслуживание сего девайса, давайте лучше промолчим, особенно при поломке)~
Кузьмич Кузьмичёв
Кузьмич Кузьмичёв 21 gün önce
На 10630 красавец! Артист!
Baby Princess Vlogs
Baby Princess Vlogs 18 gün önce
Wow 🤩 wow 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Patrik Martin
Patrik Martin 19 gün önce
lol they forgot to paint the inside of the laundry chute, a stainless steel lining would look good too
Crazy Event
Crazy Event 19 gün önce
SQUIRREL TECH 20 gün önce
Can I Hide Myself 😂
soroush mohammadi
soroush mohammadi 19 gün önce
Kasia Kosewska
Kasia Kosewska 20 gün önce
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