Handmade Leather Crafts ASMR by Traditional Master Craftsmen | Satisfying Process

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Quantum Tech HD

Quantum Tech HD

20 gün önce

Leather has been used for thousands of years in many different items, turning it into a highly valued material. The technique for working it hasn't changed that much, but the workers are more skilled than ever. Watch this review of leather working and tell us what you think. Enjoy!
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Divino Amaral
Divino Amaral 16 gün önce
Top de linha. Parabéns. Like do Brasil. 👍🔰
Peter Jarosciak
Peter Jarosciak 18 gün önce
Skvelá práca a pekné vyrobky 👏 🙌 👍
Sheree Morgan
Sheree Morgan 12 gün önce
I would love to purchase the wallet, it's beautiful!
Supernatural Forces
Supernatural Forces 18 gün önce
Subhan Allah! Great craftsmanship.
Gary Graley
Gary Graley 16 gün önce
It is interesting that you used a photo of my work as the video start, no one else has a modified 4 prong stitch cut down to 2 prongs and going around the corner of one of my knife sheaths
Wisuwat Bhosri
Wisuwat Bhosri 18 gün önce
I like this format. No annoying music.
OKAN CORNELIUS 18 gün önce
Lasergun 18 gün önce
Exactly, ASMR should never have music background
Como siempre espectacular!!!
Рихтовка05 Руслан
Рихтовка05 Руслан 17 gün önce
Задирательный Контент!!!😍
Dark Vodor
Dark Vodor 18 gün önce
Magnifique !
Nobody 7 gün önce
The only bad part of this video is, it had to end 😑
Marleen Scholz
Marleen Scholz 18 gün önce
Toller Beruf ♥
Комилов Ахмадуллох
Комилов Ахмадуллох 18 gün önce
спасибо крута супер🎥 🇺🇿👍👍🎯🎯💯💯
الطبخ والطبيعة
الطبخ والطبيعة 17 gün önce
جيد جدا 👍
Ekaterina 15 gün önce
It's hard to comprehend that that piece of leather was once a part of sentient animal, experiencing happiness and sadness, having very similar to ours internal organs, giving birth the same way and experiencing joy of the newly born offspring.😭
Lady X
Lady X 18 gün önce
Очень интересное видео, уровень мастерства впечатляет! 👏👍 Обзор настолько самодостаточен, что музыка здесь и не потребовалась - только естественные звуки! 👌 ИДЕАЛЬНО! 👧
시대유감 6 gün önce
보면서 잠이솔솔오다가도, 중간중간 망치로 두드리는소리와 기계작동음때문에 깜짝깜짝놀라네요, asmr 로는 적절하지않은듯해보이네요~
Enrico "Orsetto" Pavan
Enrico "Orsetto" Pavan 18 gün önce
Very Nice!
Semilla Estelar
Semilla Estelar 18 gün önce
quantum tech official
quantum tech official 18 gün önce
Nice 👍👍👍👍💜💛💚💙💖💗💝💜💛💚💗💖💙💛👍
PAUL 11 gün önce
Braxx Juventa
Braxx Juventa 18 gün önce
やまいもまいも 18 gün önce
no music with "proffesional sound" seems ASMR and makes me a full of respect!
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 18 gün önce
Hahaahaha wtf history of leather began about 400,000 years ago?!?! Lol no way 🤣 😅 😂 Horrible on makers of this part to lie
Kane Scott
Kane Scott 18 gün önce
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Xavier Kale
Xavier Kale 18 gün önce
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MANSION 18 gün önce
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MANSION 18 gün önce
@Kane Scott THANKS DUDE, you just shared a vital information that will help lots of people who desire to make profits from trading
Brown Lorraine
Brown Lorraine 18 gün önce
Such information we don't it get from most TRpostrs, I am getting in touch with her right away.
Kane Scott
Kane Scott 18 gün önce
Seeing my broker being talked about on TRpost excite me so much , This was exactly how i got recommendation about Mrs Angela Mea Isler, At first i was a bit skeptical but eventually i gave her a trail with my little investment i got huge profit this woman has really change the life of many people from different countries and l'm a testimony of her trading strategy.
Daniel 18 gün önce
Fala galera beleza 👍 ❤
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 Trại Gà Hưng Cần Thơ
Trại Gà Hưng Cần Thơ 18 gün önce
Dmitriy Zinenko
Dmitriy Zinenko 18 gün önce
Chester McDonald
Chester McDonald 13 gün önce
The adds are a total buzz kill
앵그리 말티즈 설탕이네가족💕먹방💞일상
앵그리 말티즈 설탕이네가족💕먹방💞일상 18 gün önce
안녕하세요 ~~😍귀여운 말티즈🥰 설탕이 가족 이야기에 많이들 놀러와 주세요 오늘하루도 즐겁고 행복한 하루들 되세용😊~~구독과 좋아요는 저희가족에게 큰 힘이 됩니당💕감사합니다😉👍
Mültezem Şıvga
Mültezem Şıvga 18 gün önce
Pro Max Homemaker
Pro Max Homemaker 18 gün önce
👍👍👍👍👍👍Awesome video. Pls bring more videos like this. 👍👍👍👍👍👍
A 18 gün önce
Ceinture , sac, porte feuille . Rien de bien compliqué. Argent facile...
minjjanggu 18 gün önce
Ideas de  reformas
Ideas de reformas 18 gün önce
Super video 👍👍👍👍👍
Galina Volska
Galina Volska 13 gün önce
На это можно смотреть бесконечно. Уважение профессионалам, честь им и хвала
台灣自由 18 gün önce
Ура, никакой болтавни, тольк звуки мастеров !
Gala Al.
Gala Al. 18 gün önce
И Дал же Господь такие "золотые руки"!💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥
Poker`s S.V.
Poker`s S.V. 18 gün önce
1) ключница маленькая, 2) кошелек маленький, купюры не влезут. В общем хрень полная, перевод материала. Убогие поделки для не реального мира.
Poker`s S.V.
Poker`s S.V. 18 gün önce
@Eвгений Савин да ну, это какие то стандарты не адекватные. продаются подобные, сколько раз дарили и приобретал, всегда ключницы какие то ну реально маленькие, поносишь чуток и в утиль. Так же и кошельки такие же есть от недоделанных производителей...)) Возможно у них такие образцы накапливаются. а потом они их выкидывают на продажу. а чтоб покупали, цену на них за уникальность накручивают, вот и ходит человек, мучается, панты кидает с ихними поделками, оправдывая свои затраченные ресурсы...))
Eвгений Савин
Eвгений Савин 18 gün önce
Это выставочный образец , наверное под заказ тоже делает
Trà Đá 2K
Trà Đá 2K 18 gün önce
wonderful, skillful and skillful hands
حمزه الطائي
حمزه الطائي 18 gün önce
احتاج الى واحده ممكن ارجوك
Сергей Осенков
Сергей Осенков 18 gün önce
Классная работа 👍🤝
Petre Mincu
Petre Mincu 18 gün önce
LoveLesS v2
LoveLesS v2 18 gün önce
Deep Hell
Deep Hell 18 gün önce
You have no idea, what ASMR actually is. Fast cuts with additional subtitles no one is able to read that fast are definitely waaaaaaaay to hectic to create an ASMR effect - which is fine, but don't call it ASMR
Jenna 18 gün önce
Satisfying to watch ! I like the coolie with wooden handle...very unique.
syahrul kumai
syahrul kumai 18 gün önce
Hayo mampir ke chanel ini "syahrul kumai" "syahrul kumai" "syahrul kumai" SEMANGAT GOTONG ROYONG
Doktor Livsi
Doktor Livsi 18 gün önce
Papa Tomz TV
Papa Tomz TV 18 gün önce
it's going to be a different experience every time i eat chicken noodles from now on :p
Shyed Ali Abdullah
Shyed Ali Abdullah 18 gün önce
сергей богодонов
сергей богодонов 18 gün önce