Ingenious Construction Workers That Are On Another Level ▶38

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Quantum Tech HD

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Buildings surround us, incredible engineering works built by the most astounding workers. They are masters at their craft, and we bring perfect examples here. Watch this review of construction workers, and tell us what you think. Enjoy!
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kitrick42 Aylar önce
After many years of working office jobs I recently started working with a masonry crew and absolutely LOVE it. As the new guy I do most of the heavy "grunt" work but the owner always takes some time to teach me all the finer technical work. Ive never worked doing something so gratifying. People are so happy and appreciative when the work is complete. The work can be so challenging but the feeling when the job is done is so rewarding.
אשר נתנאל שחר
אשר נתנאל שחר 24 gün önce
@Kade Jaynes אין לי רשת מלונות, ולא היה לי ,אם תשאלו אותי אם אני רוצה לא ולא !
אשר נתנאל שחר
אשר נתנאל שחר 24 gün önce
@Cynical Truth לא יכול להגיב בפורום זה כיוון שלא מדובר כאן רק על עצמי ועל כן אין לי מושג למה אני צריך להגיב על הדברים האלה,לאמיתו של דבר עדיין לא ידוע לי על זה קודם לכן יש צורך בכך שהוא רוצה להיות שם, ואני מקווה שזה לא יקרה שוב על פי כמה וכמה פעמים ביום אני חושב שאם אני יחשוב על מנת לקבל פרס,טעות גדולה מאוד משום שאינני מכיר את הסיפור הזה ולכן על מה לענות לך על כך שלא ניתן למצוא גם אם זה היה לפני כמה שנים טובות הנאה צרופה על ידי כך שלא מתאים לי בצורה זו או אחרת לא !
Sultan Bibit Kebun
Sultan Bibit Kebun 28 gün önce
@Put In Your Own Work good job frend 🇲🇨🎣🎣
parvit grewal
parvit grewal Aylar önce
I hate bricks sound don't no why krich Kritch so annoying
DUDE DUDE Aylar önce
Cheap job
Landlock beachbum
Landlock beachbum Aylar önce
I have huge respect for these workers they are the backbone of the the world’s infrastructure!
Landlock beachbum
Landlock beachbum 28 gün önce
@DIZPIZ I built my home, but I understand how you perceived my ""
Landlock beachbum
Landlock beachbum Aylar önce
@RIPzzzzzzz a lot of times these people are referred to as “workers “ i was simply alluding to that, you may notice however I gave them huge props though? 🤦🤷🏻‍♂️
Landon Stenersen
Landon Stenersen Aylar önce
@j p when you work with cement and you want to enjoy it you make it your masterpiece, it does suck that most people don't see the art but it feels good to do
Landon Stenersen
Landon Stenersen Aylar önce
Thank you
DIZPIZ Aylar önce
If you dont mean what you said in a derogatory manner change it from quotations cause it looks that way over text. If you did mean it in a derogatory way maybe you should think about how the house you live in is built by these guys. Lol
Grazi Catuaba
Grazi Catuaba Aylar önce
Tão mais pra confeiteiro de bolos 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 uma obra prima 🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻 parabéns, é muito amor envolvido!
Calebrosooo calebe
Calebrosooo calebe Aylar önce
No meu ponto de vista este é o canal que traz as melhores ideias de arquitetura e engenharia. Parabéns.
John Hauser
John Hauser Aylar önce
Manual labor makes the world go round. This is beautiful to watch.
Kwa ndo
Kwa ndo Aylar önce
@ckj1103 Getting paid 2400 a month is enough imo. I can do some work on the side which we call black work as it's not taxed and i will make more than you will ever do on your shitty office job.
Jareed Aylar önce
@Mortalz yea lol but how many hours a week do they work?? will they’re backs be anything but ducked after like 40? 😂😂
Merimac_ Aylar önce
@Aircon still you work like that for either purpose or mental illness. But I bet it's for purpose. You should still be more considerate about your body. You are not indestructible and sooner or later your body will come crashing down from mounted up abuse. Saying from autopsy and very very similar lifestyle I past. Still unless you work hard to fuel your addiction only, going above and beyond deserves respect. Not admiration or love or anything cheesy like that but respect nonetheless.
Aircon Aylar önce
@Merimac_ yeah. 18 years old and 3am shifts that go up to 16 hours a day. Once even going to my max, which is 17. You fall asleep as soon as you touch your bed. Even before that
Blue Flash
Blue Flash Aylar önce
@ckj1103 where I come from, people earn a shit ton of money with jobs like these
Начертательная Геометрия
Начертательная Геометрия Aylar önce
Жаль что так и не удалось увидеть гениальных строителей на совершенно новом уровне!
rimon Aylar önce
@Имя Фамилия работают на скорость, не на качество. Еще заметил что уголок замуровали в штукатурку, а их обычно убирают после высыхания
Михаил Шемутько
Михаил Шемутько Aylar önce
@Имя Фамилия тыг 👉лупый Ху🇺🇦есос
Имя Фамилия
Имя Фамилия Aylar önce
а как тебе гений укладывающий кафель на грунт ?
Имя Фамилия
Имя Фамилия Aylar önce
а как же гений на 3:10 который укладывает блоки без гидроизоляции основания в траншее
Михаил Шемутько
Михаил Шемутько Aylar önce
Жаль что ты слепой
José Nivaldo Domingues
José Nivaldo Domingues Aylar önce
Simplesmente sensacional.
theycamefrombehind Aylar önce
So satisfying to watch. My respect for the profession has increased
Kate Miller
Kate Miller Aylar önce
Thank you to all the guys who build our spaces.
Tod Doughty
Tod Doughty Aylar önce
its sad that most of this next level stuff is just things these workers learned through repetition, sadly i am one of these workers and literally no one who is paying for the job to get done cares about your skill, they just see the job getting done faster
Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis 13 gün önce
@Dylan Auker Yes this is true.
Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis 13 gün önce
@farmer727 true
Amen Ahmed
Amen Ahmed 21 gün önce
Nothin sad
Beto Mi
Beto Mi 28 gün önce
I don't understand! Ofcourse nobody pays to go see you working. Skills pays you! You do your job faster, save materials an time. What else do you want? A crowd clapping their hands?
JD Aylar önce
Isn't that how everyone learns? Through repetition?
Nicole Kennedy
Nicole Kennedy Aylar önce
The minds behind these techniques and the people that employ them are simply amazing. Imagine the minds behind the architectures of the world. Someone sat and literally thought the Empire State Building into existence.
Hyundai Grand i10
Hyundai Grand i10 Aylar önce
Thanks to all this guys we have our homes HUGE respect to them
Reyna Lindström
Reyna Lindström Aylar önce
I'm so impressed by these skilled and brilliant human beings. Love from Sweden
JP Patriot
JP Patriot Aylar önce
The “vacuum lifters” (not what they’re called) are freakin awesome! Used them quite a bit. One time we had large/thin marble cuts from Italy and we used these lifters. Dude if you had a way to fasten your hand to it - to prevent slipping for safety - you can scale a building with these things! As long as the surface is decently smooth. They’re STRONG.
JP Patriot
JP Patriot Aylar önce
@Kevin De Vlieger I’ve used the clamp things that you put tile/granite/marble in between and when you pick up on the two handles it clamps the material giving you two handles - one on wash side of the cut - making it WAY easier to carry. Not electronic nor do they work by suction. That’s really the only other device that has been nearly as effective. And typically you use those for bigger heavier pieces. We only really used the suction pads for brittle/wide/thin marble or something - especially that imported stuff. I haven’t seen the lighter weight ones you’re talking about. I’m sure they’re helpful though!!
JP Patriot
JP Patriot Aylar önce
@Shona I haven’t used a crane one but I’ve seen them. They’re insane! I have used these handheld ones and they’re crazy too. Expensive and very impressive. My company had me lock them back up at the shop when I got back. Only me and two other guys were allowed to use them. They’re very nice and extremely helpful with a LOT of things. It instantly gives you a handle on almost anything as long as it’s decently smooth. Crazy.
Kevin De Vlieger
Kevin De Vlieger Aylar önce
We have some sort of these at the factory as well. Not as strong because they shouldn't lift huge weights (~10-15kg). It's more for comfort. To use these our operators should have had some small training because it isn't completely without danger. Definetely for the type of work you're speaking of.
Shona Aylar önce
I used those suction cranes when I used to work for a company making granite kitchen worktops. First time I seen them my mind was blown with how much weight they can carry. (I'm talking slabs that weigh over a tonne)
Celeste Robbins
Celeste Robbins Aylar önce
Nice! I love the extra info you include. It makes the video far more interesting.
اقرألى كتاباً Samira
اقرألى كتاباً Samira Aylar önce
Wonderful 👍 I love how creative people try to leave their creations on any work they do ❤️💕
IRQVET Racing Aylar önce
Sometimes I wish I went into the trades, awesome stuff. Respect.
xaxoon69 Aylar önce
It's amazing what skills some people have... Nice to look at.
Stu West
Stu West Aylar önce
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ I heard that the bible was made up by a mortal man, not unlike Moby Dick. Is that true?
pix-can-fix Aylar önce
Wisdom says whatever you're doing when you put love to it you'll master it, I hope these amazing people get more credit, literally everything we build or manufacture is thanks to them
Alden Rich
Alden Rich Aylar önce
The part with the ultra realistic world at the start is actually brilliant looking!
Receitas com a Rejane Reges
Receitas com a Rejane Reges Aylar önce
Parabéns Belo trabalho muito feliz em vê aqui do Brasil
Shirley Tramm
Shirley Tramm Aylar önce
I can't get over how fun it is to watch excellent work being done 👏 by skilled workers. It's truly satisfying and very interesting. 👍
Riley Davidson
Riley Davidson Aylar önce
pouring concrete is such a fun thing to do, raking, placing or vibrating everyone's in a good mood usually, even when shit goes wrong
Ruslan Ismailov
Ruslan Ismailov Aylar önce
Приятно смотреть, как другие работают.
Lisa Warland
Lisa Warland Aylar önce
Flippin heck,this is so skillful and flowing,awesome work,we would be nowhere without builders! Great job
Dimuthu A
Dimuthu A 17 gün önce
@BRINGBACKDISLIKES what he said is true. Props to all these men doing hard work
Merimac_ Aylar önce
​@BRINGBACKDISLIKES you read into it as you wish. Any statement is open to interpretation. What i said was pretty much a fact giving recent years and media shit storm, so i stated i already hear their cringe :) but then i think NOT since those are hard manual labours so like i said, quote me, but quote the whole concept. Calling me a sexist, oh hell no. I am wholeheartedly for equality, but not only when it suited. Now if i would do same thing as you did and quote you not by whole concept but only picked words " stop playing like a fool..."" ​ @BRINGBACKDISLIKES Would it be quote that i only adapted for my needs or given meaning of what you said?
"i already can hear the cringe of feminists" While you did not use the word "sexism" you heavily implied it, stop playing like a fool...@Merimac_
Merimac_ Aylar önce
@Dae ERM... Did I said anything about sexism? I just pointed the obvious. At no point I even suggested his comment was sexist. Not that yours is not... Jumping to conclusions like that. I think you commented with different one in mind as it just went 180 degree out of the blue.
Dae Aylar önce
@Merimac_ there was nothing even remotely sexist about what he said. You certainly have a problem though
Dimuthu A
Dimuthu A 17 gün önce
Amazing talented & hardworking men! ❤
Nounouche Lilou
Nounouche Lilou Aylar önce
Tellement satisfaisant de voir ce travail bien fait et cette dextérité. Merci et bravo à ceux qui réfléchissent et travail pour atteindre une telle qualité. Je les envie d'avoir une telle maîtrise.
Raging Panda
Raging Panda Aylar önce
I like how it's all just people using tools and stuff exactly how they're supposed to
Jack Mehoff
Jack Mehoff Aylar önce
These craftsmen should be appreciated.
etienne tolmay
etienne tolmay Aylar önce
People with skills doing their job👍🏼, nothing next level about it
Barry Jacobs
Barry Jacobs Aylar önce
Great tradesmen sadly hard to come by now. Working with their hands as they were taught when apprentices. 😊
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
ты прав *(чекай ник)*мне тоже нравится *(чекай ник)*
faouzia assoumani
faouzia assoumani Aylar önce
Dommage qu'on a pas ces professionnels de bonnes qualités ici en France
Manuel Santos
Manuel Santos Aylar önce
Trabalho de grandes profissionais 🤔👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Siin Sanu
Siin Sanu Aylar önce
Tukang bangunan banyak akal dan banyak kreative mantap
Angel C
Angel C Aylar önce
They truly are masters of the craft
Evelin Sanchez
Evelin Sanchez Aylar önce
Impresionante 😲
Lauri Lunden
Lauri Lunden Aylar önce
"To get an even surface, smooth the concrete..." Mind=blown
Lavinia FortunatoDiogo
Lavinia FortunatoDiogo 12 gün önce
Vcs são os melhores d mundo parabéns desejo um dia chegar este nível
Dave Bowden
Dave Bowden Aylar önce
Watching the pump spraying go over the top of the wall and onto whatever behind it ...priceless
Leonaяdo DiCapяio
Leonaяdo DiCapяio Aylar önce
The worker: “I’ve missed the part where it’s my problem. I’m paid for the fence, I do the fence”
Денис Гуринович
Денис Гуринович Aylar önce
Приятно смотреть на мастеров своего дела! Спасибо за выпуск! Привет из Санкт-Петербурга! 👍🤝😉🖐️
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
Крутяк *(чекай ник)*
Мы крепчаем. Заходите подписывайтесь.
Мы крепчаем. Заходите подписывайтесь. Aylar önce
Fcuk Gogle
Fcuk Gogle Aylar önce
Anyone who's ever done labouring as a living knows just how hard the work is and just how satisfying the outcome can be, and just how grossly under appreciated they are...
mlighggh kjhhu
mlighggh kjhhu Aylar önce
For some, you don't even need to sand the joints, it's so well done. A huge respect to all these workers who do trades, which most people find ungrateful. But look at it, it's real craftsmanship right before your eyes.
the ceiling feathering was done skillfully. It didn't look like it would need any sanding either.
Sonny Aylar önce
As a concrete guy...those curved concrete steps with the lights in each step were on point. 7:34
Uganda Knuckles
Uganda Knuckles Aylar önce
Wow, respect to all the hard working people out there doing a nice job ! 💪🏻
Ralexcraft 17 gün önce
@Dimuthu A i’m not saying they’re wrong, I was confused on what they meant, even if it is the majority, there is still women doing some of those jobs too, so personally I would say people. Still, if you’re going by majority, yes, definitely men.
Dimuthu A
Dimuthu A 17 gün önce
@Ralexcraft it's men doing 99.99% of this work. So it's not 'people', it's MEN.
Ralexcraft Aylar önce
@VEGAS 702 i’m triggered by your lack of specifics.
VEGAS 702 Aylar önce
@Ralexcraft Someones Triggered…
Uganda Knuckles
Uganda Knuckles Aylar önce
@VEGAS 702 So if you think there are ANY hard working women in this world, your wrong. Even giving birth to you could have been hard enough so….shut up
Rerih Asdf
Rerih Asdf Aylar önce
Гениальный строитель наносит раствор и делает стену! Невероятно! Я думал это рептилоиды только делать могут,а не строитель.Еще более невероятно-гениальный строитель на клей укладывает плитку-это вообще за рамками возможностей человека!!! Жду роликов в духе-невероятная жена варит макароны! Гениальная женщина с помощью воды,губки и фэйри помыла тарелку!!! За гранью возможного,тайны вселенной раскрыты,смотри пока не удалили! Мужик забил гвоздь в деревяху-ролик запрещён!
Rerih Asdf
Rerih Asdf Aylar önce
@Checkmark Datter hello friend, yes-this is the video I see the work of normal builders, not some incredible specialists.The work is done at an excellent level, this is commendable, but there is nothing surprising in this, because every self-respecting specialist should do it so that there is no shame for the result.And the title of the video presents their work as something incredible and fantastic. I wish everyone to take responsibility for their work and receive decent pay for it. With best wishes from Russia.
Checkmark Datter
Checkmark Datter Aylar önce
Wow I’ve never seen sarcasm so strong that it actually blasted straight through the language barrier. Impressive!
Rerih Asdf
Rerih Asdf Aylar önce
@Артур Петросян ну вчерашний птушник действительно шов выдержать не сможет,а человек подержавший кельму в руках не первый год,а в особенности перед камерой на хорошем заказе-не станет халтурить.У меня масса каменщиков,способных нормально гнать шов, ничего фантастического не увидел.
Mrdomax Aylar önce
@Артур Петросян Особенно мне понравился строитель на 3:26, который таскает по стройке целую лопату с раствором. 😆
Артур Петросян
Артур Петросян Aylar önce
"Гениальный строитель наносит раствор и делает стену!" Ты просто не сечёшь фишку! Посмотри на толщину швов! Посмотри на гладкость блоков! Представь как долго простоит эта замечательная кладка! Эти строители действительно "на Совершенно Новом Уровне", для Джамшута и Равшана во всяком случае уж точно))))
BigLeen Aylar önce
Unskilled workers: "This is ingenious!" Contractors: "yeah... Ingenious."
Lola Moreno Navarro
Lola Moreno Navarro Aylar önce
THE DOPE SHOW Aylar önce
These are artists, great content.
Kyle Rollins
Kyle Rollins Aylar önce
3:57 OMG this dude is so skillful using the equipment provided by the company as designed.
Oleksij Galushka 🇺🇦
Oleksij Galushka 🇺🇦 Aylar önce
aa aa
aa aa Aylar önce
Still satisfasing to watch anyway
morbideddie Aylar önce
Literally 90+% of the video is just people using equipment or using standard methods that the whole industry uses.
Matthew Hewitt
Matthew Hewitt Aylar önce
How is the first guy on another level?? That's literally how you do it 🤣
John Jenness
John Jenness Aylar önce
Makes me want to go buy a high quality trowel.
Armen Testyan
Armen Testyan Aylar önce
Их гениальность в аккуратности и в дисциплине! Ничего нового они не делают, просто то что делают, делают с совестью.
Тимур Абдувалиев
Тимур Абдувалиев Aylar önce
@Jakob Engelhardt🤣🤣
Jakob Engelhardt
Jakob Engelhardt Aylar önce
Скоро качественную работу будут выдавать за невероятность 🙈
Роман Ник
Роман Ник Aylar önce
Особенно там где розетку делали видел какие щели на просвет. Похоже на видео из рекламных роликов.
CosmoHolmes Aylar önce
8:51 "more than a thousand pavers are used to pave such large projects" that's like saying there's more than a thousand drops of water in a pool. Technically correct, but a huge understatement. With a thousand pavers you'd make it a couple of meters.
Ni No
Ni No Aylar önce
not from another planet, they are professionals people, excellency
Hoarder 66 (Will Harper)
Hoarder 66 (Will Harper) Aylar önce
People- do the jobs they were trained to do This channel- says they r the most amazingly talented people to have ever existed
J R Aylar önce
Good video, but I would call it Expert Construction Workers That Are On Another Level.
Sidecar 771
Sidecar 771 Aylar önce
How do people imagine that these complex structures are made?
Ari Arias
Ari Arias Aylar önce
i’m never going into construction but something about this video makes me want to. something about learning tricks of a trade and perfecting it to make others visions come to life ig 😌
Ari Arias
Ari Arias 25 gün önce
@Johnny Lawrence maybe for charity purposes would be fun 🙂
Johnny Lawrence
Johnny Lawrence Aylar önce
It's very fun you should try it, but being the new guy some will joke with you but don't take it serious cause it's all jokes to build relationships, it's fun and I think you should try it.
o s
o s Aylar önce
素晴らしい技術。 日本にはこういった職人はほぼいない。
Сергей Деменко
Сергей Деменко Aylar önce
Залипательно!)) Браво!!!
Gede cemenk#tukangkreatif
Gede cemenk#tukangkreatif Aylar önce
Video yang sangat menginspirasi, sukses slalu 👍🙏🙏
Juno Fisher
Juno Fisher Aylar önce
For the floor layer on at 9:03 you either need an undercut saw to cut the bottom of or door and baseboard or it needs to be made a little of the floor if you wanna do a rough cut then just slide it under otherwise you trace cut it then use clear silicon to fill gaps
MELTING In Missoula
MELTING In Missoula Aylar önce
Human ingredients and ingenuity are product and skill levels that when seen as unmatched requires a certain degree of awe to comprehend.
Hooman Adnan
Hooman Adnan Aylar önce
Automation could never kill the beauty of manual labour 🙌🏼🔥❤️
E Aylar önce
Said literally no one in the industry
Bill Rich
Bill Rich Aylar önce
I invite it to kill the beauty of pulling up carpet.
Sugar & Spice
Sugar & Spice Aylar önce
Hard working man keeping the world moving forward. 👷‍♂️👷‍♂️👷‍♂️👷‍♂️👷‍♂️
energy MONSTER
energy MONSTER Aylar önce
Grey Ferguson
Grey Ferguson Aylar önce
My dad was a mason/ brick layer. Also made and decorated beautiful cakes.....he said the process of frosting & cement work was very similar. Used same methods.
Tea Burn
Tea Burn Aylar önce
Like waxing a car, and finding out you know karate.
piotrek9005sc Aylar önce
Jeżeli, ktoś chodź w stopniu podstawowym zna się na swojej robocie to stosuje te niezwykłe tricki....
K Booth
K Booth Aylar önce
It seems I'm not the only one who enjoys this channel. It's both interesting and relaxing.
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
ну не факт *(чекай ник)*
SeanVito Aylar önce
This isn't that crazy tbh, It's just things you learn as you keep doing this as a profession. Really good for getting paid the big bucks too haha. It seems that whenever people witness a skill being performed, it seems impossible and amazing. Skateboarding is a good example. It just takes time. Not to say that this stuff is not amazing. I guess what I'm trying to say is the usual "you can be amazing at anything if you try."
KentD Aylar önce
Lots of work that's hard on the back and knees here, but every one of these construction workers is more important than any politician. Thank you, builders of the world!
Chris Churchill
Chris Churchill Aylar önce
@KentD Building in-ground pools for rich people is not more important than public service you nincumpoop.
KentD Aylar önce
@Chris Churchill They get something done and make the world work. So you're a politician? Too bad.
Chris Churchill
Chris Churchill Aylar önce
What a dumb comment.
Jun P Technician
Jun P Technician Aylar önce
That's so nice video thank you for sharing watching here sending full support
ozias ideias criativas
ozias ideias criativas Aylar önce
Boa tarde estou passando com o meu Like e o meu apoio otimo video parabéns um grande abraço do Ozias ideias criativas 🤗🤗🤗
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
мне тоже нравится *(чекай ник)*
Стас Венто
Стас Венто Aylar önce
М-да, называть обычную работу "гениальной" - гениально. На любой стройке так же
Buddy Love
Buddy Love Aylar önce
So addictive I couldn't stop watching 😯👀
Harvey.D Aylar önce
SKILL, is a wonderful thing and a pleasure to watch.👍👍
Jesse Bott
Jesse Bott Aylar önce
I always hated doing finishing work. I loved framing houses but I could watch someone good at finishing for hours.
hippy 100
hippy 100 Aylar önce
Curb and gutter is the worst.. real back killer.. Much prefer vibrating' E 1 1/2- 5000' on on a wall pour or wherever. (that's a mix design)
Дмитрий Гоголь
Дмитрий Гоголь Aylar önce
Дай нашим каменщикам такой раствор ещё лучше класс покажут .
だいまおう第2形態 Aylar önce
こういう動画見る度に すげえ技術だなって思うけど その反面絶対に自分の家はシンプルな造りにしようってなる
Top Gaming01
Top Gaming01 Aylar önce
Skill dan trik tukangnya pantas di acungi jempol
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
рили? *(чекай ник)*
gexo Aylar önce
Awesome works!
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
хз бро *(чекай ник)*
In Xenos Carnificem V
In Xenos Carnificem V Aylar önce
То чувство когда ты занимался стройкой с отцом в 90е. И всё это уже видел тогда. Р-развитие ага.
Obie. M
Obie. M Aylar önce
Lebih tepatnya, Berpengalaman, sehingga membentuk skill yang luar biasa.
Никита Самойлов
Никита Самойлов Aylar önce
50 на 50 прям гениального ничего нету ! в основном техника помогает ! но те кто в ручную укладывают да красавцы набили руку!
Asad Ali
Asad Ali Aylar önce
Beautiful 👏
bryanlopes19 Aylar önce
These videos make me thankful I'm a union Electrician!
Ник на пк
Ник на пк Aylar önce
Моё величайшее уважение всем кто строит этот мир.
Ник на пк
Ник на пк Aylar önce
@CRITICAL HIT! пусть разрушают что нибуть другое и в другом месте. Или устраиваются работать подрывниками на добыче ископаемых
CRITICAL HIT! Aylar önce
А тем кто разрушает?
Dale Carmichael
Dale Carmichael Aylar önce
He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist. Saint Francis of Assisi
mohammad afroze
mohammad afroze Aylar önce
Che bello..
Durzo Blint
Durzo Blint Aylar önce
Bro, that Aussie brick layer at 2:40 is good and fast!
BoMwarriorVlog Aylar önce
I had to watch this twice. Once for the interesting information, again to watch the artists at work. 😁 Mike Rowe (of "Dirty Jobs" fame) would be proud. 👍
La miss La miss
La miss La miss Aylar önce
On pourra pas dire que ce n'est pas des professionnels, c'est des experts dans leurs domaines, bravo à vous tous et aux personnes aussi qui ne sont pas sur cette vidéo 😇😇
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
да, я тоже слышал *(чекай ник)*
Ümran Barbarosoğlu
Ümran Barbarosoğlu Aylar önce
Daha ayrıntılı olarak cevap verebilir misiniz?
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Aylar önce
Repent to Jesus Christ “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭1‬:‭7‬ ‭NIV‬‬ h
Flea Tactical
Flea Tactical Aylar önce
I am embarrassed watching this as a homeowner who has struggled with some of the similar projects shown here. Wow. Just wow.
john green
john green Aylar önce
To the regular person, this stuff is amazing. To the skilled professional, like myself, this is just a normal work day.
john green
john green Aylar önce
@Rylan Haworth Absolutely
Rylan Haworth
Rylan Haworth Aylar önce
@john green Any competent tradesman can look at this stuff and say "I could do that". That's the difference between office workers and tradesman. It is just just another day at work.
john green
john green Aylar önce
@onespiceybbw only 28 years as a licensed union plumber that's never been unemployed. Seems to me, and my bosses, that I know what I'm doing.. You can brag when you're good 🤷‍♂️
onespiceybbw Aylar önce
If you have to brag about how "professional" you are, then you're probably not as good as you think.
AZİZ DOĞU Aylar önce
Gerçekten de başarılı işçilik
Luigino Berkel
Luigino Berkel Aylar önce
Absolutely the video of the year. Loved it!!
ResistenciaCaótica Aylar önce
Mi experiencia personal con personas que trabajan en el tema de la construcción siempre ha sido nefasta, de que lleguen tarde, que sean mal educados, muy brutos y hagan un trabajo chapucero sin fundamento, por no hablar de la poca seriedad y la falta de respeto a la propiedad ajena, y ver esto hace que no pierda la esperanza en los buenos trabajadores que hacen un trabajo pulcro y con seriedad. Ojalá fuera fácil dar con trabajadores así.
DJ Smithe
DJ Smithe Aylar önce
It's great seeing artists at work.
AmstradExin Aylar önce
@Abhay Deshmanya The difference between the two is the creator's self expression vs. vanity of whoever paid for the work.
Abhay Deshmanya
Abhay Deshmanya Aylar önce
@Va Thao anything can be art i have seen a banana stuck up on canvas as probably someone shitting might also considered art these days.
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
ну да *(чекай ник)*
Va Thao
Va Thao Aylar önce
There is no piece of art here
Tony S
Tony S Aylar önce
You mean craftsman.
Приколясики Aylar önce
Классные пластификаторы .
にくまじん Aylar önce
Bill Smith
Bill Smith Aylar önce
True beauty in motion.
焼肉大王 Aylar önce