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Construction is one of the main activities of our civilization, and it has been for thousands of years. Millions of very skilled professionals work in the industry every day, coming up with super ingenious hacks to make the job easier. Watch this review of the best construction tips and hacks, and tell us what you think. Enjoy!
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R.R.G.P 29 gün önce
Sensacional, só as melhores ideias e profissionais. Show
T-Trick 24 gün önce
You're really smart, that I adore
Peter Jarosciak
Peter Jarosciak Aylar önce
Krásne práce majstrov 👏 👍 A dobre nápady ako si zas niečo zlepšiť.
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
Jay Jade
Jay Jade Aylar önce
I never build anything but find this very interesting and amazed at how smart and creative they are. 👍
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
Jason Fenech
Jason Fenech Aylar önce
One must appreciate the fact that these are skilful professionals and the mores easy it looks the more skill and talent is needed to perform such task.
Just Dave
Just Dave 25 gün önce
Yeah no kidding! I consider myself pretty handy, but you could give me the tools AND demonstration and still there no way I'd pull off coping that semi circular stone like guy in third/ fourth vid. Amazing.
Another Gaming Channel
Another Gaming Channel 27 gün önce
Right off the bat im already happy i clicked... as a drywaller I am so grateful I watched this video, especially the very first clip. I've never heard of those mark n guards, but I am most DEFINENTLY about to go buy some asap! I hate measuring and cutting out electrical boxes. I'm too impatient and just like to go! Those will come in handy lol
Red 25 gün önce
You can buy them from Amazon
Nathan Hale
Nathan Hale Aylar önce
My back is hurting just watching them but damn that one guy in the beginning carving that block of stone is legendary! A few more like him and we could build our own great pyramids.
Jerico anon
Jerico anon 28 gün önce
Indeed, that cut was so clean, he must be direct egyptian descendant or something
OrsunVZ 28 gün önce
That was a definite "how the F?!?!" moment...
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
Tovi NMD
Tovi NMD Aylar önce
Really happy to see the thumbnails in the video!! Love the curved cinderblock one.
jose manuel Ramos
jose manuel Ramos 26 gün önce
Verdaderos artistas con imaginación para el trabajo excelente !! 👍👍
George Goughnour
George Goughnour 25 gün önce
That trick with tape for concrete corners also works great on bullnose corners for mudding and taping Sheetrock. Old Mexican painter showed me that years ago!
Самоделки на коленках
Самоделки на коленках 28 gün önce
мда, классно работают ребята, приятно смотреть
Trà Đá 2K
Trà Đá 2K 19 gün önce
simple ideas but very useful, great 😃
How We Landscape
How We Landscape 18 gün önce
The concrete raising technique is an expanding foam not a slurry mix. Great method though! Cool video!
M Benjamin
M Benjamin 27 gün önce
Wonderful and erudite videos. Thank you. Thank you.
Choirul Maintz
Choirul Maintz 29 gün önce
cara kerja yang sangat pintar 👍
Philippe55 Aylar önce
at 2:14 the "corner jig" to carry the bricks is actually a brick hod, they have been used for centuries.
Anand Bhojane
Anand Bhojane 17 gün önce
Not in my country I saw something new
Kratos 27 gün önce
Oh damn, didn't expect this to be in a video 1:45 Haven't seen many metal sheet hacks
NeptuneNoire 28 gün önce
That Mark N Guard looks so useful.
Another Gaming Channel
Another Gaming Channel 27 gün önce
I'm a drywaller and I'm buying some tomorrow lol. I never heard of those until now
Permainųvėjas Aylar önce
Wow! Nothing impresses so much as a talentedly executed work - I would always look at the work of the Masters, masters with a capital letter!
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
Desire123ification Aylar önce
Outstanding! 💯
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
Павел Слюнособакин
Павел Слюнособакин Aylar önce
1:01 *he's doing it horribly wrong* If you just pour mortar like that it will make air bubbles inside of a mortar rock, wich can weaken whole construction. All of that lego bricks is relay on that mortar colomn stability and consistency. What you need is a funnel with long pipe in the end to provide mortar laminar flow to the bottom of the bricks.
Syed Shahid
Syed Shahid 24 gün önce
I live in karachi Pakistan I like your comment
Siin Sanu
Siin Sanu 29 gün önce
Pembuatan bahan bangunan cocok buat rumah para konstruksi mantap
Syed Shahid
Syed Shahid 24 gün önce
I live in karachi Pakistan I like your comment
leeroyclarkson 29 gün önce
The butterfly joint may look nice and tie in granite with brick. But that brick isn’t going to hold shit compared to the strength of granite.
Tylar Anderson
Tylar Anderson Aylar önce
What made the holes in the 2x4 for the electrical wires in the very first video a shovel handle ? The 2x4 appears to be damaged from a crappy drill also in the last shot the box is not flush with the sheetrock. Hopefully your inspector is lenient
Another Gaming Channel
Another Gaming Channel 27 gün önce
Honestly I've seen worse. Didn't even think much of it after some of the drywall jobs I've seen lol
SILENT.SCREAM08 29 gün önce
Sangat bermanfaat
kniefi 28 gün önce
"heavy concrete mix" my arse...that was foam! which was used to lift the concrete slab!
T-Trick 24 gün önce
You're really smart, that I adore
Bob Sage
Bob Sage Aylar önce
"Corner jig"? It's called a Hod. It's not a hack, it's a standard tool used by brickies the world over.
Юрий Галицкий
Юрий Галицкий 20 gün önce
Красота!Дело мастера боится.
SS&T Yard Services
SS&T Yard Services Aylar önce
Wow doesn't say wjat I want to say because the actual expressions are out of this world....!!!!!👌
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
Paivi Project
Paivi Project 27 gün önce
Very good 👍
suka nonton video seperti ini...very nice
Tech Contractor
Tech Contractor 25 gün önce
The electric outlet identifier is cool
Yusuf Abd Rahman
Yusuf Abd Rahman Aylar önce
So good ii boss 💪💪👍👍😊
Won,seok kim
Won,seok kim Aylar önce
정말 멋지네요
يوميات البحار
يوميات البحار 29 gün önce
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
נחום בן נתנאל
נחום בן נתנאל 29 gün önce
ממש אמנות ידי זהב ,👍👍👍❤️👌
Graham Campbell
Graham Campbell Aylar önce
The 'Corner jig' is called a Hod - been around centuries
H Dsenver
H Dsenver 28 gün önce
Just learned something new today, thank you! :)
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson 28 gün önce
...but this one goes to 11!!
Stephen Bell
Stephen Bell 29 gün önce
Yup, as a youngster I did a bit of work as a hod-carrier to support a master mason whose time was way more valuable than mine at that stage. It's hard work and rough on you. You do get strong, but I wouldn't recommend doing it long.
يوميات البحار
يوميات البحار 29 gün önce
@Robert McTaggart
يوميات البحار
يوميات البحار 29 gün önce
@Graham Campbell
Nada gani channel
Nada gani channel 27 gün önce
Sangat mengedukasi banget
Adventure life CK
Adventure life CK 27 gün önce
Nice technology 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Angela Hottel
Angela Hottel Aylar önce
😮👍🤔💪Vielen Lieben Dank
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
Faysal Dm
Faysal Dm Aylar önce
iyi akşamlar kolay gelsin ellerine sağlık çok güzel bir
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
mr noodler
mr noodler 29 gün önce
Why not use a $0.02 connector instead of wasting several minutes winding wires together. If you use a proper connector of some kind, you will also not leave any bare wires exposed
Andrew Bagguley
Andrew Bagguley Aylar önce
2:13 it is called a hod, and any brickie worthy of the name has one!
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
Lrdna lrd
Lrdna lrd 29 gün önce
Did they use the terracotta shingles in reverse?
aSa Aylar önce
Çok güzel video. Nice nice
Creative Corner by Aish
Creative Corner by Aish 29 gün önce
Smart people
BKeis Aylar önce
Great ideas
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
Qanat Uzaqbaev
Qanat Uzaqbaev 22 gün önce
what kind of material PVC? что за материал пвх? 8:56
Ressouche Benoit
Ressouche Benoit 29 gün önce
6:09 verry bad cable connection.. /!\ cables have not been connected in this way since the 1970s. Because this technique causes overheating, temporary interruptions, and therefore fire risks and damage to electrical appliances.
faraz bf
faraz bf Aylar önce
Perfect 👍👍
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson 28 gün önce
Master Mason, with the hammer and chisel!
Andy Yeung
Andy Yeung Aylar önce
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
Zachary Smith
Zachary Smith Aylar önce
Tips and Hacks. Make a jig, a template, and measure. What new inventions!
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
Gaspipenicklioni 27 gün önce
3.3 million views in 3 day as of 10/29/22? Just shows that people want diy info. Nice
Вадим Соловьёв
Вадим Соловьёв Aylar önce
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
Braxx Juventa
Braxx Juventa Aylar önce
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
andrzej 26 gün önce
8:20 the name of such a bag??
Lady X
Lady X 26 gün önce
Gary Trent
Gary Trent Aylar önce
Everyday Genius@ work
wajid youtuber
wajid youtuber Aylar önce
Very good work Like it Nice
Davey Concrete
Davey Concrete Aylar önce
It's as simple as that.
Рюрик XIII
Рюрик XIII 27 gün önce
4:18 - нафига так быстро, нихрена не понятно??
Pajen DIY
Pajen DIY 28 gün önce
Nice video i like it....
DANYOR Olloyorov
DANYOR Olloyorov Aylar önce
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
Д. C.
Д. C. Aylar önce
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
Md.Shakib Khan 4321
Md.Shakib Khan 4321 Aylar önce
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
pranoto stb
pranoto stb 29 gün önce
Good job amezing skil tukang
Atsiz 28 gün önce
সেই লেভেলের কাজ।
Aarush Sah
Aarush Sah 26 gün önce
How did you get this type of video Please tell
Work Fail
Work Fail 28 gün önce
very good
Dzalissimo MK
Dzalissimo MK 29 gün önce
6:20. Thats the worst electrical connection i have ever seen. Coming from Electrician.
HaasGrotesk 28 gün önce
@Dzalissimo MK I don't think you understand at all. It depends where you put the fuse. The thing I'm trying to say is that wiring like they did in the video isn't correct because if you put 15 amp fuse on the 2 wires the single wire will start to melt becuase it gets 30amps and the fuse didn't cut it off. If you put a 15amp fuse on the wire then you're not getting the full effect of the inteded function which is 15amps per wire. If you put a 30amp fuse on a single 18AWG wire that has two 18AWG wire connected to it it's going to melt because max is 15amps. I don't think I need school for this. Now you don't seem to get that because while you are right that a fuse will cut it off before it melts. A fuse placed anywere like I explained kind of defeats the purpose and isn't correct. You're bit getting the full function.
Dzalissimo MK
Dzalissimo MK 28 gün önce
@HaasGrotesk the wire will not melt, thats why you have the fuse. If you wanna be electrician i recommend you enlist in electrical school and study a little bit. This is not mickey mouse science this is exact science.
HaasGrotesk 28 gün önce
@Dzalissimo MK I think it would. An 18AWG wire can carry 3-15amps depending on the conditions. But let's say you do what they did in the video. You connect two wires to each other but only one of the wires to the power source. The max capacity for each wire is 15amps. You run 15amps per wire and then you get 30amps in the single wire that is connected to the source. That wire will become hot and melt.
Dzalissimo MK
Dzalissimo MK 28 gün önce
@HaasGrotesk nope
HaasGrotesk 28 gün önce
@Dzalissimo MK Yes, but let's say the fuse is set to whatever the max of an 18 AWG cable. And the source is transporting max output per cable then you run that max output through one cable. Wouldn't that cable overheat?
Respect Aylar önce
Bro how did u make these videos Did you go there and shoot with camera or you take these from other videos
يوميات البحار
يوميات البحار 29 gün önce
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
T Art
T Art 29 gün önce
Gabriela Nita
Gabriela Nita 25 gün önce
Michael DeSilvio
Michael DeSilvio 28 gün önce
Dance music and construction tips. 🕺💃
Alex Thomson
Alex Thomson 28 gün önce
A corner jig 😂🤣
เดะเญิ่น เซยซึเดะ
เดะเญิ่น เซยซึเดะ 29 gün önce
ใช้วิธีสร้างดิความสำคัญ แบบนี้ไม้แปลก ไม่แปลก ลู่คน ให้คนคิดเองดิ
виктор темнов
виктор темнов 29 gün önce
Страшно от таких превьюшек
soroush mohammadi
soroush mohammadi Aylar önce
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
Dutch Tile Works
Dutch Tile Works Aylar önce
Is everything drywall in the states???
Another Gaming Channel
Another Gaming Channel 27 gün önce
No. But it is very common here.
Killer B
Killer B 29 gün önce
Just like the pyramids, Aliens!
AktenJoe 22 gün önce
8:00 crazy pollution
Syd Clark
Syd Clark 27 gün önce
A brickies hod is a tip or hack to who?
Rdad رداد
Rdad رداد 25 gün önce
اللي جت عينهـ ع تعليقي جعل امك سيدة من سيداة اهل الجنة جعل ربي يحقق كل امنياتك وعيونك م تشوف غير الراحهـ والسعادة ❤.
Mike Schult
Mike Schult 28 gün önce
6:20 ich heul gleich aus so vielen Punkten Müll. Bitte elektrische Leiter KEINER mechanischen Last aussetzen, das kann fatale Folgen haben.
City Guy In The Country
City Guy In The Country 4 gün önce
Hey, I'm an operator too so I thought I'd drop by and leave a comment.
Ing Gel
Ing Gel Aylar önce
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
механик Гаврилов
механик Гаврилов 27 gün önce
Omar Opqhe
Omar Opqhe Aylar önce
Nice video dude 🎋
Alex Moran
Alex Moran 28 gün önce
At 2:40 I call bullshit. Would not fly in us No sheathing on those damn wires
TheEmperor2052 25 gün önce
Strange. Where are all the strong women who say the dont need men for anything?
Muhammad Yasir
Muhammad Yasir Aylar önce
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
Tony Castro
Tony Castro 28 gün önce
Is it repair tips or music?
adretube 29 gün önce
10:52 Q: How? :)
Андрей Gjgjd
Андрей Gjgjd 29 gün önce
Есть некоторые нюансы очень интересные, но в целом полный отстой.
U B Aylar önce
tommy dian
tommy dian Aylar önce
kuddel muddel
kuddel muddel 18 gün önce
Man kann alles machen, wird dann halt nur kacke. !
Darth Metaluna
Darth Metaluna 27 gün önce
I'm a commercial electrician, and I really miss the days when the drywall man would measure and cut out my boxes. When they started hiring piece workers(illegals) that's when the roto-zips came into use. Worst thing to ever happen. No one had that plastic "tool", and they cut my wires, miss boxes, or cut it too big. It's lazy and sloppy.
Jeff C
Jeff C 29 gün önce
Anyone remember Superhod ?
Kardash Auto repair
Kardash Auto repair 27 gün önce
What the troll, the thumbnail and one I wanted to see most of as the shortest of all 2 second clip.