Genius Life Hacks That Work Extremely Well ▶6

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Quantum Tech HD

Quantum Tech HD

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Life can be complicated sometimes, and minor problems can become huge if you don't know how to solve them. To make it easier for you, we bring some of the best lifehacks we have found. Watch this review of tips and hacks, and tell us what you think. Enjoy!
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eric wirtagustaw
eric wirtagustaw Aylar önce
The last one with the pipe?? Is a great idea, I think I might try it!
Peter Jarosciak
Peter Jarosciak Aylar önce
Super zas sa niečo naučil . Mávate perfektne videa 👏🙌 👍 🙆
Dima_47rus Aylar önce
*Как всегда есть что-то полезное, а есть что-то и для сумасшедших))))*
Dima_47rus Aylar önce
@Krim Krim 😁🤣🤣
Krim Krim
Krim Krim Aylar önce
Что то? Да тут все из разряда - для долбоебов
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
рили? *(чекай ник)*
Amazing Amused
Amazing Amused Aylar önce
@Random Things ok
Сергей Санталов
Сергей Санталов Aylar önce
1 прикол с пакетом можно описать: "всё гениальное просто". Сейчас попробовал. Думаю, какой же я тупой был, что не попробовал так.
Ирина Ивановна
Ирина Ивановна Aylar önce
За идею с фольгой под чехлом для гладильной доски огромное спасибо!!!
Souk Savanh
Souk Savanh 16 gün önce
END PRG 21 gün önce
Что это даёт?
Solveig 25 gün önce
Funktioniert es? Ich möchte das auch machen 🙂
LysolPionex Aylar önce
That toothpick bit is so satisfying
PhilD Aylar önce
Weld a shopping trolley to a bike? Well, if you don't want to steer, that's fine! (The trolley wheels are designed to go in all directions). Oh, and we all just happen to have welding equipment at home! Better, less effort, cheaper and safer to get proper bike luggage
Leo The Dog
Leo The Dog 5 gün önce
@Brandon Standinger doesn't work for me, is this for Android or Microsoft?
Brandon Standinger
Brandon Standinger 26 gün önce
Hold down the * symbol for the †
Brandon Standinger
Brandon Standinger 26 gün önce
Leader of the APR
Leader of the APR Aylar önce
@James Mayle I will, thank you for motivation be happy knowing that you motivated someone
James Mayle
James Mayle Aylar önce
The Bible is truth. Please read at least Genesis Mathew and one book of the Bible you chose yourself. It is important that as you do you practice forgiveness. It’s an important part of what Jesus Christ taught that too many people forget. The process of genuinely meaning to forgive within your heart is the key that makes everything click. Start with your parents. They’re supposed to be the easiest, having loved you. There’s deep spiritual significance in that relationship to God. Looking inside to deal with your inner baggage and grow, that’s what shows the faith you need. Afterwards, break down before Jesus Christ and ask for forgiveness. Simply bare your soul in prayer. Take down those walls you’ve built up between you and God. Please, trust me. The Bible is truth. It’s just that you’ve got to take it seriously enough to do what Jesus Christ taught as an adult. Please, take your salvation seriously. Jesus Christ is the way truth and life,
I'm CREATIVE Aylar önce
Genius! I will try that today, saves so much time! Wait...
Paivi Project
Paivi Project Aylar önce
Very good 👍
Marget Mints
Marget Mints Aylar önce
Driving that Audi into that hole really hurt me lol
ecarg 20 gün önce
Yeah. 😢 Couldn't they have used a KIA? 😂
Doctor Schnabel
Doctor Schnabel Aylar önce
I was trying to imagine my house after implementing all these great ideas..... 🤭
Jan Vrabec
Jan Vrabec Aylar önce
full of garbage. Its crap
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
забавно *(чекай ник)*
Floyd Dwayne Viernum
Floyd Dwayne Viernum Aylar önce
Try using a pencil eraser to clean electrical contacts before sanding them.
Адская Машина Добра
Адская Машина Добра Aylar önce
Привет Quantum!!! Ты бы лично использовал эти лайфхаки ? например с ананасовым соком ? хоть и натуральным . 🤦😏
LysolPionex Aylar önce
6:10 but... The zipper is still damaged...
2degucitas Aylar önce
Yeah. The area of repair needs to be sewn over, or wired closed.
Dragos Cucu
Dragos Cucu Aylar önce
It was painful to see that Audi driving straight into that hole
Thurgosh Aylar önce
Many people don't want to damage their kitchens by gluing bits of plastic bottles on them.
2degucitas Aylar önce
That's just you
iantullis Aylar önce
Don't do it then.
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
лайк! *(чекай ник)*хз бро *(чекай ник)*
Буря в пустыне
Буря в пустыне Aylar önce
С телефоном в подошве так и не показали, а я ради него зашел. Но все равно было интересно
Адская Машина Добра
Адская Машина Добра Aylar önce
На привьюхе годный лайфхак, мух и комаров лупить жосткости добавит 🤦
александр лук
александр лук Aylar önce
Все заметили что в последнем видео у него потекло место пайки, да и крышку которая откручивается по резьбе зачем открывать и ковырять
Deanna Sutterfield
Deanna Sutterfield Aylar önce
No styrofoam in hot anything. The material melts releasing toxic chemicals into food and in the air
Brandon Standinger
Brandon Standinger 26 gün önce
Also does exhaling. It's not as bad as you think it is, look around... Nearly all food has plastic associated with it in some way and that plastic was very hot at times before during production. Hell even tampons ain't cardboard any more! Lol
Choirul Maintz
Choirul Maintz Aylar önce
ide yang sangat pintar 👏
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
я думал я один *(чекай ник)*
Zdrok Sergiy
Zdrok Sergiy Aylar önce
Используй все что под рукой и не ищи себе другое
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
ахахахах *(чекай ник)*
5jerry1 Aylar önce
9:09 Preventing car theft. Another good way is to buy and learn stick shift; thieves are too stupid and lazy to learn a stick shift.
Clayton Porter
Clayton Porter Aylar önce
I like how the guy just drive his car into a big hole 😂😆😂
Dimaz Aylar önce
3:40 Genius hack of the year! /s
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
можно как вариант *(чекай ник)*
idea Tech
idea Tech Aylar önce
Brother, I make similar videos but I don't get views...would you help me?
iTeerRex Aylar önce
You gotta use a small candle tho, or gets way too hot.
ShadowDevotion Aylar önce
half of those "life hacks" dont even work or make any sense^^
Иван Иохан
Иван Иохан Aylar önce
9:01 На стоп кадре видно, что бутылка под винтовую крышку.
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
было бы странно *(чекай ник)*
Nikki Ourand Lambert
Nikki Ourand Lambert Aylar önce
I usually love your videos, but the editing on this one is horrible. The clips are being cut off before they're finished, leaving us with no idea of how these things work.
Guv Aylar önce
Главное назвать ролик погромче!
LuisanVega 16 gün önce
Hmm... 🤔I don't trust in the last one, you can clogged the pipe.
jitomezuki Aylar önce
5:58 これよくやるけど、解決にならないんだよね😅 グッて引っ張ると閉じれてない部分から普通にチャック開いちゃうんだよ
poseur racer
poseur racer Aylar önce
@4:07 Chopstick are inserted other way around.. Not to mention, I just noticed it.
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
прикол *(чекай ник)*
Lady X
Lady X 26 gün önce
Skoray Duman
Skoray Duman Aylar önce
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
допустим *(чекай ник)*
Nord Wind
Nord Wind Aylar önce
Свечка и смеситель полный бред. А вот бутылки хорошо открывать пистолетом ПМ.
idea Tech
idea Tech Aylar önce
Брат, я делаю похожие видео, но у меня нет просмотров... ты можешь мне помочь?
Alicia Stanley
Alicia Stanley Aylar önce
The pictures move too fast to understand what s going on in them.
Alicia Stanley
Alicia Stanley Aylar önce
@Freddy Penaloza thanks!
Saman in denmark
Saman in denmark Aylar önce
@сергей гуляев🎃🎃🎃🍁🍁🍁🍁❤️❤️❤️❤️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
Saman in denmark
Saman in denmark Aylar önce🎃🎃🎃🍁🍁🍁🍁❤️❤️❤️❤️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰
idea Tech
idea Tech Aylar önce
@сергей гуляев Брат, ты не поможешь мне? Я делаю похожие видео, но у меня нет просмотров...
сергей гуляев
сергей гуляев Aylar önce
@Freddy Penaloza всё серии серии лл. Не Не щ
Peter Montoya
Peter Montoya 29 gün önce
At 8:30, hey dude, that was a twist off bottle cap.
P 99
P 99 Aylar önce
0:42 Where am i gonna that in the middle of a metropolitan area where the trees are decorations
Bradley Edwards
Bradley Edwards Aylar önce
Life hacks ! Dumb hacks ...let's drill into the top of my cabinet to install a kiddie lock 🙉🤡
Cats Life
Cats Life Aylar önce
4:10, why would one use the back of chopsticks to eat?
2degucitas Aylar önce
Newbies have a difficult time learning to use them. But, she put the straw on the wrong end!
robotbuno Aylar önce
I feel like they just piece whatever they can find on internet into a video.... some of these are just disaster waiting to happen, for example the battery thing at 8:50
simon Taylor
simon Taylor 24 gün önce
Seeing the chopsticks used the wrong way round during the “hack” was cringe…
Наташа Сурикова
Наташа Сурикова 8 gün önce
Что-то есть полезное а что-то без полезное.
Вадим Соловьёв
Вадим Соловьёв Aylar önce
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
прикол *(чекай ник)*
Saman in denmark
Saman in denmark Aylar önce🎃🎃🎃🍁🍁🍁🍁❤️❤️❤️❤️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
Daryl Dixon
Daryl Dixon Aylar önce
*как вам мои свежий трек: СЛЕНГ!* ]
TheBenderHAX Aylar önce
не проще у молнии бегунок отогнуть
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
ты прав *(чекай ник)*
Всё Возможно
Всё Возможно Aylar önce
Google Х
Google Х Aylar önce
из пластиковой бутылки делается только сухой или водный)
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
ну да *(чекай ник)*
DoNot Need
DoNot Need Aylar önce
And the chopsticks were backwards.🤦🏽‍♂️
CAD 3D Aylar önce
i am happy, that they did not crash an audi into that hole 😡
Александр Мартынюк
Александр Мартынюк Aylar önce
Ебать же лайвхак с Ауди 😅😅😅
Троечник из СССР
Троечник из СССР Aylar önce
😐👈 Защита от детей - два гвоздя!
BEN HÀI HƯỚC Aylar önce
Wow 👍👍👍💯🥰👈🌹👈
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
мне тоже нравится *(чекай ник)*
Saman in denmark
Saman in denmark Aylar önce🎃🎃🎃🍁🍁🍁🍁❤️❤️❤️❤️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️
osman Eoman
osman Eoman Aylar önce
Hamza Sulaymon
Hamza Sulaymon Aylar önce
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
рили? *(чекай ник)*
Максим Чуриков
Максим Чуриков Aylar önce
Кран ПП в конце ролика потёк, не догрел до нормальной температуры.
Максим Чуриков
Максим Чуриков 27 gün önce
@александр лук ну или так
александр лук
александр лук Aylar önce
Нет просто нужно хорошо протереть, влаги полипропилен не переносит от слова совсем
XPNDBLhero Aylar önce
3:40 - This is so dumb.... If it was that easy then water heaters would be a lot smaller. All you're doing here is ruining the finish and most likely the seals and plastic parts inside your faucet.... Don't do this. SMFH 😤
soroush mohammadi
soroush mohammadi Aylar önce
Saman in denmark
Saman in denmark Aylar önce🎃🎃🎃🍁🍁🍁🍁❤️❤️❤️❤️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️👍🏻👍🏻
DARYO TV 25 gün önce
DARYO TV 25 gün önce
ThInKb4uSpEaK Aylar önce
Incase your motor bike needs stitches...really good idea though
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
рили? *(чекай ник)*
Aadil Naveeth
Aadil Naveeth Aylar önce
0:34 is that audi!!!😱😱
Родион Кузибаев
Родион Кузибаев Aylar önce
Мммм, да перемотайте в конец на 9.14 и посмотрите какая замечательная пайка трубы😅😅😅
Родион Кузибаев
Родион Кузибаев 28 gün önce
@Pavel Pl течет
Pavel Pl
Pavel Pl 28 gün önce
А что не так?
Olga Kilmester
Olga Kilmester Aylar önce
Посление видео что то скачками уже были… не разобрать что и как
Steven Dyer
Steven Dyer Aylar önce
@8:46 This is ridiculous and moronic! First, the steering is going to be difficult or possibly not even possible… Second, why wouldn’t you just attach it to be pulled by a bike? Third and final, most people are not going to order a shopping cart so this is incentivizing the theft of carts from grocery stores.
Chappy Aylar önce
Warp a tooth pick
Kirk A
Kirk A Aylar önce
No gas station will allow you to fill up a soda bottle
Lisa Shelton
Lisa Shelton Aylar önce
I honestly filled up a 2 l bottle and two 20 oz bottles of gas here in the US two weekends ago I was in serious duress because my car was broke down and I thought it might have been because it was out of gas and the attendant was actually outside with me talking to me when I was doing it true true story 😊
che.95 Aylar önce
Автор : Мелодии очень не красивые бесят ...
Jacques Bausler
Jacques Bausler Aylar önce
Armer Merzedes.😪
sukitso Aylar önce
CHADO FF Ⓥ Aylar önce
والله لو يجيني إشعار متابع جديد رح أدعي له من قلبي😢🤲♥️,
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
рили? *(чекай ник)*
Hamdi Hamdi
Hamdi Hamdi Aylar önce
( إن الله وملائكته يصلون على النبي يا أيها الذين آمنوا صلوا عليه وسلموا تسليما )
Серега Брагин
Серега Брагин Aylar önce
Klaudia ,прости меня. Я честно пытался посмотреть твой лайфхак
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
странно *(чекай ник)*
Beeftec Aylar önce
That zipper clip is terrible! here are videos on youtube showing how to easily fix it back to original, without making it even worse than it was
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
можно как вариант *(чекай ник)*
justbeing Aylar önce
The chopsticks were the wrong way round!
Алексей К
Алексей К 22 gün önce
Бредовые идеи с молнией и салфеткой (для протирки плиты). Это как сел завязать шнурки и заодно почистил ботинки. Вспоминаю слова Задорного, что американцы туповаты)
Zylsma 14 gün önce
Please don't strike my brother is making shorts using your videos
Australian Rb Nationals
Australian Rb Nationals Aylar önce
These are no good for outside of India or Russia.
alt5z Aylar önce
Genius Life Hacks. GHETTO EDITION. Nothing like getting athlete's foot on your face from that flip-flop phone holder. 🤢 🤮
POtAtO ART 29 gün önce
Why dont u get a copyright strike🤫🤫
xpeHa^blcoro Aylar önce
90% абсолютного шлака
Went Fuck
Went Fuck Aylar önce
Баян 21 века
Ryan Sun
Ryan Sun Aylar önce
4:18😅😅😅 6:03 wtf?
Dmitriy Zinenko
Dmitriy Zinenko Aylar önce
один из худших выпусков про лайфхаки
Persiline Azteca
Persiline Azteca Aylar önce
que tonterías...
Yashuop Aylar önce
देखते हैं🇮🇳🇮🇳 इस तिरंगे को कितने लाइक मिलते हैं
Dear Comrade
Dear Comrade Aylar önce
Hot water hack By using candle is fake .
Андрей Перелыгин
Андрей Перелыгин Aylar önce
Очередная подборка гавнохаков.
Jonathan Payawal
Jonathan Payawal Aylar önce
Goodluck rear bumper
Adriana A
Adriana A 18 gün önce
Elie Chaanine
Elie Chaanine Aylar önce
Xavi Asenjo Verdu
Xavi Asenjo Verdu Aylar önce
Pae Dahe
Pae Dahe Aylar önce
Not ghetto fixes.
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞
@GOGO1010BOT (telegram) Шк0ла слuвы💔🔞 Aylar önce
забавно *(чекай ник)*
eastendyves Aylar önce
( فاطمه )٩٦٧٧٣٧٣٥٦٠١٦+
( فاطمه )٩٦٧٧٣٧٣٥٦٠١٦+ Aylar önce
هاذا الرقمي👆👆 اخي اشتي اطلبك طلب واسالك بلله العلي العظيم وبجبار السموات والارض وبمن ادخل الروح فيك انك لاتردني خائبه منكسر ه القلب ففيني مايكفيني من القهر والفقر والهم والغم ولانسلم من الخوف والتهديد من صاحب البيت اخي جيتك وكل املي فيك بعد الله عز وجل تجمل معانا بقدر استطاعتك اسال من الله العلي العظيم لاغیر علیکم حال إلالاحسن الاحوال استرنا وافرحنا ايفرحك الله بالجنه وبشفاعة سيدنا محمدصلی الله عليه وسلم يا اخي الذي مضت كان ابونا موجود يشقي علينا ابي الله يرحمه توفى وتركنا يا اخي الله يحفظك ولا يحرمك من اهلك واولادك ساعدنا بالذي تقدر عليها حتى لو جزء بسيط والباقي ربي بيسهلها؟
Alexander Dolganov
Alexander Dolganov Aylar önce
эка херота
Apnea Varese
Apnea Varese Aylar önce
Milano assasina blocco bomba assasina collegata Olbia e quella pancione Tella faropGare cara
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25 bizarre home hacks that work like magic!
Amazingly Capable Workers- The Most Satisfying Video
Most Satisfying Machines and Ingenious Tools ▶39
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